René Ancinas

Chair, Seattle Symphony Board of Directors

Chairman and CEO, Port Blakely

As Chairman & CEO of Port Blakely, René Ancinas’s leadership skills guide the strategic direction of the company, setting the tone of Port Blakely’s multi-national operations.

A fourth generation descendent of the company founders, he helped establish a sustainable family business governance structure that has become a model for other multi-generational family-owned companies, becoming its first Family Council President from 2000–04.

Identified as a succession candidate in 2004, Ancinas joined Port Blakely in 2005 gaining experience in the company’s Forestry and Real Estate Operations before becoming COO in 2008. He stepped into the CEO role in 2010, then Chairman & CEO in 2015. Ancinas has driven development of the company’s vision framework and long-term strategy based on the company’s core purpose and values.

Ancinas previously served on the board of NatureBridge and is a currently active on boards or committees for the National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO), the Washington Roundtable, Forterra and the Seattle Symphony where he is currently Board Chair.

Ancinas holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Clarinet from Oberlin Conservatory of Music and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music respectively. Ancinas is a 2009 graduate of the Executive MBA program at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business.


Seattle Symphony Board


René Ancinas, Chair*

Molly Gabel, Secretary*

Michael Slonski, Treasurer*

Paula Boggs, Vice Chair, Audiences & Communities*

Dana Reid, Vice Chair, Governance*

Jon Rosen, Vice Chair, Development*

Stephen Whyte, Vice Chair, Finance*


  • Marco Argenti
  • Rosanna Bowles
  • Isiaah Crawford
  • Susan Detweiler
  • Rebecca Ebsworth
  • Larry Estrada
  • Jerry Farley
  • Judith Fong
  • Mauricio Gonzalez de la Fuente
  • Mimi Gates
  • Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib
  • Michael Hatch
  • Terry Hecker
  • Jean-François Heitz*
  • Parul Houlahan*
  • Douglas Jackson
  • Susan Johannsen*
  • Aimee Johnson*
  • Nader Kabbani
  • Ronald Koo
  • Ryo Kubota
  • Stephen Kutz
  • Ned Laird*
  • Paul Leach*
  • Cheryl Lee
  • Kjristine R. Lund
  • Diena Mann
  • Brian J. Marks
  • Benjamin Martz
  • Scott McCammant
  • Marshal McReal
  • Hisayo Nakajima
  • Nancy Neraas
  • Peter Russo
  • Elisabeth Beers Sandler
  • Kathy Savitt
  • Jim Schwab*
  • Jenny Schultz
  • Charles Schweizer
  • Lyle Snyder

* Executive Committee


Krishna ThiagarajanPresident & CEO, Seattle Symphony

Carla Gifford, President, Seattle Symphony Chorale

Lynn MorganPresident, Seattle Symphony Volunteers

Zartouhi Dombourian-EbyOrchestra Representative

Valerie GordonOrchestra Representative

Alexander WhiteOrchestra Representative

Chair Emerita

Leslie Jackson Chihuly

Lifetime Directors

Llewelyn G. PritchardChair

  • Richard Albrecht
  • Susan Armstrong
  • Robert Ash
  • William Bain +
  • Bruce Baker
  • Cynthia Bayley
  • Sherry Benaroya
  • Alexandra Brookshire
  • Phyllis Byrdwell
  • Phyllis Campbell
  • Mary Ann Champion
  • Robert Collett
  • David Davis
  • Nancy Evans
  • Dorothy Fluke
  • David Fulton
  • Jean Gardner
  • Ruth Gerberding
  • James Gillick
  • Gerald Grinstein
  • Patty Hall
  • Cathi Hatch
  • Steven Hill
  • Ken Hollingsworth
  • Patricia Holmes
  • David Hovind
  • Henry James
  • J. Pierre Loebel
  • Yoshi Minegishi
  • Marilyn Morgan
  • Isa Nelson
  • Marlys Palumbo
  • Sally G. Phinny
  • James Raisbeck
  • Sue Raschella
  • Bernice Rind +
  • Jill Ruckelshaus
  • H. Jon Runstad
  • Martin Selig
  • John F. Shaw
  • Linda Stevens
  • Patricia Tall-Takacs
  • Marcus Tsutakawa
  • Cyrus Vance, Jr.
  • Karla Waterman
  • Ronald Woodard
  • Arlene Wright

+ In Memoriam

Seattle Symphony Foundation Board

Jean-Francois HeitzPresident

Kathleen WrightVice Chair

Muriel Van HousenSecretary

Michael SlonskiTreasurer

  • René Ancinas
  • Nancy B. Evans
  • Joaquin Hernandez
  • Viren Kamdar
  • Kjristine R. Lund
  • David Tan
  • Rick White
Benaroya Hall Board

Ned LairdPresident

Mark ReddingtonVice President

Nancy B. EvansSecretary

Michael C. SlonskiTreasurer

  • Yao Bailey
  • Dwight Dively
  • Leo van Dorp
  • Jim Duncan
  • Glen Lee
  • Chris Martin
  • Tom Owens


Krishna Thiagarajan, President & CEO, Seattle Symphony

Zartouhi Dombourian-EbyMusician Representative