Welcome to Octave 9

Transform your environment and surprise your senses — how you hear, what you see — with a click of a button. Imagine music no longer constricted by the conditions of a specific space. Named in honor of Seattle philanthropists James and Sherry Raisbeck, who gave a $2 million matching challenge to transform the former Soundbridge Seattle Symphony Music Discovery Center, Octave 9: Raisbeck Music Center redefines how you experience music, art and learning. Through state-of-the-art technology, Octave 9 creates an immersive environment for inventive performances, and Seattle Symphony’s home for education programs and community engagement.


The Team


The Seattle Symphony is one of America's leading symphony orchestras and is internationally acclaimed for its innovative programming and deep commitment to education and community engagement. seattlesymphony.org

Architects: LMN Architects

LMN Architects specializes in the planning and design of significant public and private projects, featuring urban environments that celebrate and enrich the success of cultural institutions within the life of their communities. LMNArchitects.com

Digital Acoustic Architecture: Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound is a world leader in acoustic research and audio engineering. meyersound.com

Acoustics & Audio-Visual Infrasctructure: Jaffe Holden

Jaffe Holden is a full-service acoustic, audio/video and IT infrastructure consulting firm, providing the expertise to create inspiring sensory experiences through natural and electronic acoustical engineering techniques. jaffeholden.com

Theatre Planning and Lighting Design: Schuler Shook

Schuler Shook is a valued design partner worldwide, providing exceptional design solutions and making innovative ideas a practical reality for theatre planning and architectural lighting design. schulershook.com

Immersive Technology: Belle & Wissell, Company

Belle & Wissell, Co. crafts memorable, participatory experiences that blend inventive design and technology for exhibits, landmarks and other public spaces. bwco.info

General Contractor: JTM Construction

JTM Construction is a Seattle-based general contractor delivering client-focused construction from concept to completion for the neighborhoods, work places and infrastructure systems of the Pacific Northwest. jtm-construction.com

Mechanical Engineering: Holaday-Parks, Inc.

Holaday-Parks is a premier Pacific Northwest mechanical contractor, creating state-of-the-art mechanical solutions to serve each client with personalized care and provide a healthful, innovative and successful product. holadayparks.com

Electrical Engineering: Sequoyah Electric, LLC

Sequoyah Electric provides customer-focused solutions and a coordinated approach to electrical design-build and construction needs for a range of complex and technically challenging projects. sequoyah.com

Logo & Branding: Karass Creative

Karass Creative is a team of idea alchemists. We bring the beat to your brand, composing compelling content that captures your company’s story. karasscreative.com

Naming: LORE Naming

Based in Seattle, LORE develops names and brand stories for clients large and small. LORE’s focus is developing great names with the power to build brands — helping them both stand apart and stand for something. LOREnaming.com

Structural: Magnusson Klemencic Associates

Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA) provides structural and civil engineering services worldwide, with a passion for creating structural systems, as well as civil site and infrastructure designs for projects of all shapes, sizes and complexities. mka.com


Octave 9 was built through $6.7 million in public and private funds, spearheaded by a $2 million match from local philanthropists James and Sherry Raisbeck.

To learn more about opportunities to support Octave 9 programming and Seattle Symphony education and community engagement programs, please contact Aaron Sumpter at aaron.sumpter@seattlesymphony.org or 206.215.4734.

Benaroya Hall, including Octave 9 (formerly Soundbridge), is owned by the City of Seattle and is operated and maintained by the Seattle Symphony under a lease agreement. The city also has invested funds to help make Octave 9 possible and preserve an important public asset.

Octave 9 Donors

Thank you for making Octave 9: Raisbeck Music Center a reality!

$2 million +

James and Sherry Raisbeck

$1 million +

Norcliffe Foundation

$500,000 +

Sage Foundation

$100,000 +

4Culture/King County Building for Culture Program ∙ Apex Foundation ∙ Paula Boggs and Randee Fox ∙ Children Count Foundation ∙ The Tagney Jones Family Fund at The Seattle Foundation ∙ Joshua Green Foundation ∙ LMN Architects ∙ Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc

$25,000 +

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation ∙ Matt Brannock and Claire Taylor ∙ The Commerce Bank of Washington ∙ Frank and Dolores Dean ∙ David and Dorothy Fluke ∙ The Moccasin Lake Foundation ∙ Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Pigott ∙ Marcia and Klaus Zech

Soundbridge Donors

Thank you to those who generously supported the former Soundbridge Seattle Symphony Music Discovery Center.


Kreielsheimer Foundation ∙ Craig* and Joan Watjen

Patron of the Arts

MagicHour Films, Inc.


The Foster Foundation ∙ The Hearst Foundation ∙ King County Arts Commission ∙ Microsoft Corporation ∙ Rolling Orange, Inc. ∙ Washington Mutual ∙ Jeff Sanderson & Mich Mathews ∙ The John Graham Foundation ∙ Norcliffe Foundation


Accenture ∙ Richard Cooley*- in memory of Alice Cooley ∙ Patricia & Eliza Flug ∙ Lehrman Cameron Studio ∙ The Bon Marché ∙ Estate of Elizabeth Caldwell Marcus ∙ E. Thomas McFarlan ∙ Valerie J. Newman ∙ Ashley Palumbo – from her family, Ralph, Marlys, Anna and Andrew ∙ The E.K. & Lillian F. Bishop Foundation ∙ Agnes Gund & Daniel Shapiro – in honor of Gabriella Schwarz ∙ Mark & Carlene Zbikowski


Alexandra Brookshire & Bert Green ∙ Electric Lightwave, Inc. ∙ Gerald & Lyn Grinstein ∙ Heckler Associates ∙ Henry & Mary Ann James ∙ Mills Music, Inc. with Yamaha Corporation & The Selmer Company ∙ Sherman Clay ∙ In honor of Faye Wilkinson ∙ Christensen O’Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC

Orchestral Society

Corbis Corporation ∙ Elumens Corporation ∙ Good Guys! ∙ Joshua Green Foundation ∙ Linda Breneman ∙ David & Susie Lewis ∙ Dr. J. Pierre & Mrs. Felice Loebel ∙ Loudeye Technologies ∙ D.V. and Ida J. McEachern Charitable Trust ∙ Peter M. Hartley & Sheila B. Noonan ∙ Ernst & Young ∙ Doug* & Maggie Walker ∙ Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation

* In Memoriam